Man Pleads Guilty after Robbing Pharmacies

A Calgary man has found a new home in prison after robbing 10 pharmacies in attempts to feed a drug habit that was spiraling out of control. According to a report in the Vancouver Sun, Cory Alan Sharlow also had a habit of stealing cars to use as his getaway vehicles.

Sharlow committed the crimes during a month-long spree last fall and was recently sentenced to eight years by Provincial court Judge Anne Brown. The judge believed a lengthy sentence was the only appropriate option for Sharlow.

The lengthy term was sought due to the planning involved in each of Sharlow’s crimes. His were not the workings of a desperate man as much as they were a cunning criminal seeking to succeed in his efforts.

Crown prosecutor Marta Juzwiak pushed for as many as 10 years. Juzwiak noted it was clear that Sharlow planned his offences and indicated to police he would scope out a store, notice locations and make notes of times that cashiers were more likely to be alone. He would then steal a vehicle and drive it to the predetermined location.

The stolen car would then be abandoned as Sharlow would arrange for someone else to pick him up at the pre-determined location. With such evidence before him, combined with information Sharlow shared with police, he pleaded guilty to the heists, which included nine in Calgary and one in Okotoks.

In each of the robberies, Sharlow took between $70 and $1,700. Most of the time, he displayed a gun or imitation firearm to get what he wanted.