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The Criminal Side of Online Drug Markets

While some may not be opposed to buying a fake Gucci purse or cubic zirconium earrings, buying fake medications unawares is a far more dangerous matter. Criminals have turned to online marketing to sell fraudulent medications and those counterfeit drugs could prove life-threatening in a number of ways.

More and more Websites are popping up which claim to sell prescription medications without having to provide the doctor-signed prescription. The problem is global with world-wide sales of false medications exceeding $75 billion dollars.

The vast majority of the medications which may be purchased through these false vendors do not even contain the key active ingredient being advertised. Other times, the concentrations of the ingredient vary from bottle to bottle or even pill to pill. In some cases, pills are concocted with fillers like boric acid, floor polish, shoe polish, arsenic, nickel, lead paint even brick/chalk dust. In any case, people who take these fake medicines put themselves at tremendous risk.

People who think they are saving money by avoiding a doctor visit are actually taking a terrible health risk by purchasing these counterfeit online medicines. Even if the drugs simply lack the active ingredient, the person who needs that medication, needs that ingredient. In cases where the medicines contain toxic substances, taking medication could prove life-threatening.

Authorities around the globe are beginning to enact stiffer penalties as the problem of counterfeit drug markets continues to escalate. Britain suffered nine drug recalls in just the past three years due to counterfeit medications which wound up at pharmacies and wholesale suppliers. A study revealed that among 96 British Websites selling prescription painkillers, right over 75 percent sold the medications without a prescription. The U.S. is facing similar challenges with 156 sites offering prescription medications for sale and 85 percent of sales never requiring that a prescription be presented.