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Drug Addiction is a Competitive Market

A new treatment may soon be available for those suffering from drug dependency.

BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI)’s buprenorphine was featured in an article indicating that the company may have a product available to upstage its competitor, Suboxone, when it comes to drug therapy.

Buprenorphine will be another option for addicts to use to kick their habit. Currently, a widely used treatment is methadone, which works, but there are many side effects associated with this drug. Plus, patients can also develop an addiction to the treatment, so while they’re being treated for one addiction, they may end up developing another one.

BDSI’s drug would be placed on the inside of your cheek. Due to this type of administration, it would take less medication to be effective. Buprenorphine is set to undergo additional studies by the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) later this year and has the potential to generate more than $300 million in sales once it reaches final approval.

Big money for these drug companies hopefully means big treatments for those fighting addiction. With so many companies focusing on manufacturing products whose sole purpose is to combat drug dependency and have the profits they do goes to show the incredible addiction problem that exists in this country and around the world.

Money that is generated from the drug companies could be used to educate people on the severe dangers of drug and the addictions that come with it. That money could also be used to properly educate medical professionals on the severity of over-prescribing pain pills to their patients.